Thursday, October 20, 2005

Treasure Island

In the year 2000 we've been working on an animated version of "Treasure Island". It would have been a completly European project. It had a wonderful script by Furio & Giacomo Scarpelli. Furio is a master scriptwriter from Italy with hundreds of writing credits in his curriculum. With his son Giacomo he wrote the script of the Oscar winner "Il Postino". We had produced a great number of designs and completed three quarters of the animatic, but unfortunately around that time Disney released"Treasure Planet" and its disastrous showing at the box office signed the death sentence to our project. Here are some examples of our designs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"shadow Cycle"

These are three images for "Shadow Cycle", a 20 minute animated film we produced for Sir Paul McCartney with music by Linda McCartney in 2002.

Here we go!

Ted Rockley and Oscar Grillo
We have been working professionally together for the last twenty five years creating animated films. Our company is called "Oscar Grillo & Ted Rockley Animations" and we are damn good.